When Parents Idealize Themselves

“I don’t think they mean to be abusive, though.” I hear those words at least once a week. People come to me with their stories, and I point out patterns of abuse, and they rush to the defense of the loved one. It could be an ex, a current partner or spouse. Parents. Siblings. Managers,… Read More »

When Story Isn’t Enough

(I write about my experiences, but for professional reasons I’m leaving out anything that will identify the camp I worked at this summer. I just want to make that clear.) “Are those lightning burns?” I murmured to the counselor next to me, out of earshot of the campers. I’ve been close to many of Colorado’s… Read More »

The City of Angels

Trigger warnings: torture, circumcision, child sacrifice It was set up to isolate us. I was supposed to think I was the only one who had struggles and questions. They punished us and humiliated us one at a time. If anyone managed to make us feel like we weren’t alone in our accidental rebellion, our inability… Read More »

The Legend of the Snow Fairies

I don’t think I’ve ever posted any of my short stories here on my blog. I wrote this whole thing between classes one snowy day in October 2013. This Belongs to the Echelon. —- Yes, child. Of course it’s alright to love winter. The snow fairies love it, too. The story you heard today was… Read More »

Losing grip on eternity, Part 3: Grief and Finality

“Imagining an afterlife can tend to mend a broken heart, And with someone dead, it’s a way of coping with loss, But I don’t need you out there somewhere if I have you in my thoughts.” -Eyedea, Hay Fever How do a person’s beliefs about the afterlife impact their judgments, decisions, and actions? In my experience with… Read More »