When Story Isn’t Enough

(I write about my experiences, but for professional reasons I’m leaving out anything that will identify the camp I worked at this summer. I just want to make that clear.) “Are those lightning burns?” I murmured to the counselor next to me, out of earshot of the campers. I’ve been close to many of Colorado’s… Read More »

The City of Angels

Trigger warnings: torture, circumcision, child sacrifice It was set up to isolate us. I was supposed to think I was the only one who had struggles and questions. They punished us and humiliated us one at a time. If anyone managed to make us feel like we weren’t alone in our accidental rebellion, our inability… Read More »

The Legend of the Snow Fairies

I don’t think I’ve ever posted any of my short stories here on my blog. I wrote this whole thing between classes one snowy day in October 2013. This Belongs to the Echelon. —- Yes, child. Of course it’s alright to love winter. The snow fairies love it, too. The story you heard today was… Read More »

Losing grip on eternity, Part 3: Grief and Finality

“Imagining an afterlife can tend to mend a broken heart, And with someone dead, it’s a way of coping with loss, But I don’t need you out there somewhere if I have you in my thoughts.” -Eyedea, Hay Fever How do a person’s beliefs about the afterlife impact their judgments, decisions, and actions? In my experience with… Read More »

Dividing Intuition from Habit

Okay, so I’ve established that food addiction or just craving junk food can be an attempt to numb the gut instinct. Since then, I’ve talked about how my gut instinct identifies things more powerful than just pain, fear, and emotional dissonance – it knows what to do, and can combat fear. For me, it can… Read More »