Freeing Self-Deceived Fundamentalists

Trigger warnings: Christian martyr culture, child abuse “Maybe I’m mistaken, expecting you to fight Or maybe I’m just crazy, I don’t know wrong from right But while I am still living, I’ve just got this to say It’s always up to you if you want to be that want to see that want to see… Read More »

Those Who Wish to Seem

“Cast in this unlikely role Ill-equipped to act With insufficient tact One must put up barriers To keep oneself intact” -Rush Each time I try to write about my father, I pick up the post and leave it alone for a while. Perhaps that’s because my dad and I were pals for so many years.… Read More »

‘She Doesn’t Smile Much’

“So tiny dancer, beware – we’re medicated and scared This smile is so hard to wear So turn away from the ones who hurt everyone I can tell by your smile you’re coming undone And you’re fading with every day… There’s so much left in the air, So much to tell from your stare.” -Seether… Read More »

Born to Breed

I describe unsanitary conditions for childbirth in this post…not sure if that’s a specific trigger for people, but thought it still deserved a warning. “Pull back the curtains Took a look into your eyes My tongue has now become A platform for your lies.” -Cage the Elephant My dad was playing his guitar, and the… Read More »

I’m Not Okay, Okay? But It’s Okay

“Are you okay?” My best friend was asking. I know she asks out of concern, but I can’t answer. There is no right answer when people really seek to understand. If I answer “no,” it may be honest. She can’t help me, though. For me to be okay, she’d have to fix things neither of… Read More »

The Love Label

“Don’t give me love, don’t give me faith Wisdom nor pride, give innocence instead Don’t give me love, I’ve had my share Beauty nor rest, give me truth instead.” -Nightwish Imagine growing up in a house where the salt was labeled “sugar,” and the sugar was labeled “salt.” Then you make friends, and they talk about… Read More »

Appreciating the Ride

“It sounded very…melancholy.” The man said, about what I’d written on my 22nd birthday. He was right, but I knew he wouldn’t understand if I tried to explain the depth of my hope that also resided in that blog post. He had a home. I’ve always hated every variation of the phrase, “It’s not the… Read More »

‘I’m Sorry You Lost Your Kids.’

“On prie pour sauver les apparences (To save someone from losing his appearance) Par moment oublier toutes les distances (In this moment you have to let go of all the distances) Sans répit je pense et les silences (Without a break I think, and all the silence) Dissimulent la souffrance de vos absences (The hidden… Read More »