On God-Trust and Self-Trust

“Are you trying to approach the spiritual realm all on your own, or do you feel that you are being guided by God or some being?” The question was unexpected, but I thought it was worth analyzing. To me, the dynamic in my relationship with the Infinite One is clearer than ever. However, I grew… Read More »

Children are people…and people are children

“That was childish.” My friend said. “Not very smart, perhaps,” I replied. “But childish? To call something childish – implying inexperience, stupidity, or lack of self-control – is an insult to children. It wasn’t all that uncommon, a mere century ago, to say ‘womanish’ in the same derogatory way that we use ‘childish’ now.” A… Read More »

Name Thyself

“Time to escape The clutches of a name No, this is not a game, It’s just a new beginning. I don’t believe in fate…” -30 Seconds to Mars I’ve been slowly working my way through Madeleine L’Engle’s Time Quartet over the past several months. It’s taking a while because the books are so dense and… Read More »

Rethinking Conversion and Testimony

In my last entry, I talked about one of my first blog posts, which I wrote over six years ago. It was weird to go back and re-read that post, not because so much has changed, but because so little has changed. I sometimes think that my sixteen-year-old self was someone unlike me. She was a… Read More »

Here in This Moment

When I started blogging, I wrote about being haunted by the words in a song (I still do that all the time). The song is called “More to Life” by Stacie Orrico. It goes like this: Here in this moment I’m halfway out the door On to the next thing I’m searching for something that’s… Read More »

Does Voting Matter?

This week, Russell Brand called for people in the UK to vote for the Labour Party, to try and oust David Cameron from power. This morning, he announced that it didn’t work, and that revolution can’t happen through voting. Brand’s rise to fame in the political world was all about his opposition to voting. In 2013,… Read More »

Rethinking Nonviolence: An Interview with Jeriah Bowser

What if the great heroes of nonviolence didn’t totally support nonviolence? What if the widely hailed “successes” of Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King Jr. were not actually a step forward for oppressed people? What if their nonviolent resistance movements were only effective due to lesser-known violent resistance? What if the people in… Read More »

Bare Feet on Broken Ground

Today when I stepped outside, I felt the words, “Take off your shoes and make this ground holy.” I grinned and thought, “It’s been so long, Infinite One!” And then I walked down the road and back, being ever present and creative and mindful of the music and the ground I walked on. I thought… Read More »

Purity Culture and My Sexuality

“I know that it’s a secret, And that I gotta keep it, But I want the lights on Yeah, I want the lights on And I don’t want to run away anymore Leave the lights on, leave the lights on, leave the lights on What would they say, what would they do? Would it be trouble… Read More »

Forgive Them, I Can’t

The words of Yeshua in his dying moments – I’ve heard them so many times, and everyone told me it was amazing that he forgave his killers. When I reconciled the dissonance between forgiveness and endurance, between my own pain and anger and the more objective and abstract question of justice, I realized that’s not… Read More »