What is Capitalism?

I have been working on essays about the economy for a while now, and this one will likely end abruptly whenever I run out of time to write. The idea of a gray area between work and leisure came from a book gifted to me by one of my sponsors that I found very helpful, […]

The Flawed

Absurdity in art creation is one of the few reasonable behaviors for us to engage in, finding ourselves as aware animals meaninglessly suffering in a world that exists by chance. The world has always been horrible, the only difference now is that we have the technology and resources to provide for the needs of everyone […]

The Perfect

(Images are described for readers who cannot see or load images.) The maxim goes – almost exactly something Voltaire said but a concept that dates in record to Aristotle and Confucius – that the perfect is the enemy of the good. I’ve been practicing blogging for the past week or so, and I have the […]