(Almost) Hopeless

Content Warning: This article discusses police brutality, internet censorship, and near-term human extinction. Not sure where to begin after a day like yesterday. The onslaught of news was overwhelming. Later in the day, it became apparent to me at last that our internet is being censored. The omissions were eerie. For a little while, the […]

I’m not saying religion sucks, but it hurt me, okay

Disclaimer: this is not an attack on religion or religious people for being religious. It’s just my thoughts about MY former faith and how I interpreted it then and now. Seven billion lives to punishThis race will pay for their avariceThe odious destroyersLeading our lives towards exileThe fickle breed will purge themselves…Seven billion people will […]

Writing Doubts

Writing is a real fight. I’ve been at it for nearly five hours, and I’m starting again with nothing. The blog as a medium is one that I was introduced to through my dad, who wanted to put every details of our family’s life onto his blog for many years of my childhood. When I […]